Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Working From Home


There are times when I'm sure Dave regrets his decision to work within a few steps of this house. And then I suspect there are times when he is so very glad that it is separate from the house at all. I mean, I would have not only get out of my jammies to go in there, but I would also have to wear shoes.

Yeah, like that's gonna happen very often.

I actually find it quite handy to have him within earshot pretty much all of the time (we do have an intercom phone which is another decision that he most likely regrets.) I love using the intercom. It's like having a walkie talkie set and sharing it with your next door neighbor. Over.

Being so close makes it handy to just tell him something the minute it flies into my head instead of having to actually remember it for like eight hours. Then if he forgets, it's his fault, not mine.

I also enjoy hearing the sound of my own voice, and yet, feel slightly psychotic if I start talking when no one is around. Pets do count, of course, but we don't have any - only our part time cat who has made it abundantly clear that she is only in this relationship for the tuna treats and (and I quote) she is "not going to listen to any of my senseless dribble beforehand or after." It's because she's a manx. You know, it's like a guy with a small penis. They overcompensate by acting all tough. Anyway, she gets her treat and then she leaves. No time to listen to me. Doesn't care a bit about my needs.

Well, no matter. I'm a cartoonist now. Soon to be a retiring cartoonist. (I'm a quitter, remember?) But for now I'm very very busy with all things cartoony. I use the Paint program. Yes, I said Paint. As in the computer program from 1610. I got it for free so it's FINE. Just fine. It regularly deletes most of my work without a good reason, but it was FREE. I've had plenty of Chinese made clothes that give me more problems and those were NOT FREE. And unlike chinese made clothing, Paint has never embarrassed me. So I'm pretty happy with "Paint."

And now, unfortunately I must go do a real thing, which really makes me mad. I honestly hate having real life things on my to do list. I have to scan a copy of a bill that I already paid a portion of so I can prove to someone that I actually did something I was supposed to do. Which is as absurd as it sounds. Absurder still is that I also have to prove that there is something still on that bill that I was told was going to be removed. It's a mess.

Why can't life be as simple as "Paint"??

Over and Out.