Thursday, December 29, 2011

And So It Was Christmas and What Did We Do?

So, that's that Christmas! It wasn't too eventful, compared to the holidays of my past. I remember fondly those evenings with Mom and Dad, Gram and Grandpa, all the aunts and uncles and cousins and baby mommies and daddies and the latest intervention victim(s). (They never expect it at Christmas.) Those were truly awesome times, but life goes on and we have to keep creating new memories.

Dave and I continued our Christmas eve tradition (3 years running now!) - by going to a food establishment and expecting it to be open. We just love doing this and we are always so excited to once again, be disappointed! You know, there's so little you can count on these days, but as it turns out, no matter where you go, whether it be the big city or the little country town, restaurants close early on Christmas Eve and we are locked out, cold, hungry and outraged.

It was a bit of treat, this year, however, because we actually managed to get in the door of a place (usually a sign on the door announces the bad news) but were told immediately by the bartender that the "kitchen was closed" and that they were "just about to announce last call." Awesome. Merry Christmas! ahhhhh, memories!

I spent some of Christmas eve trying to decide if the woman next door was truly living in her house.  She had some plumbing trouble recently and had to go live with her parents for a while and since then I've been trying to figure out whether or not she has returned. I do this by noticing things like the height of pull shades, the appearance or disappearance of weekly flyers on the doorstep, lights on/off etc. She doesn't own a car, so I can't gauge the situation based on that - that would be too easy and I would have grown tired of this game a long time ago, but looking for small clues? This speaks to my Nancy Drew soul. It appears that someone is there, but I'm not completely convinced as there are timers for lights, flyers could be discontinued, and pull shades? Well someone could stop by just to raise and lower them once in a while for appearances sake. When they are raised, I sometimes gaze out my window and watch for shadows. So far, none. I'll keep you posted.

Since we are both total geeks, we were all too delighted to receive book gifts this year. I got an Amazon gift certificate and a rare book store shopping spree and Dave got the new Stephen King book, which inspired me to create this piece entitled "Damn you Stephen King." This is my holiday gift to you. I hope you enjoy it.