Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So Much For Charm

So it turns out, the third time wasn't the charm.

It's not that I don't understand the instructions, it's just that when I'm done with the few rows I am supposed to knit, my work doesn't look like the picture. The problem is I don't believe the item in the picture was knitted with the size needles and yarn the pattern calls for - the stitches look too small for bulky yarn and size 10 needles. I have a sneaking suspicion that this picture is not really an accurate representation of the actual project. In which case, I have just ripped out my work for the third time for absolutely no good reason.

Instead of trusting that I was correctly following the directions, instead of looking at my work and seeing that it looked fine, I compared my creation with someone else's and decided that mine was wrong.

Hello my life. How are you today?

I had to take the car out today. I had to go to a supermarket that is within walking distance but it's just a bit too far and in a part of town just a bit too undesirable to warrant the risk. And besides, people it's hot.

It took me over 30 minutes to drive about one mile. Most of this was because of a traffic light out during the major evacuation period (in the city this is about 3:30 PM because everyone here starts work at 4:00 am) and the light was blinking red. I had a little sign language altercation with another driver because (a) I am a menopausal woman and this gives me the right to demonstrate fringe behaviour and (b) the MAN that was driving the other car was a MAN in the most horrible sense.

He wagged his finger at me.

Men out there. These are the women you can wag your finger at: your own daughter when she is under the age of 18. Period. That's it. Don't wag it at your mother or your sister, or your friend, or your wife or your coworker. And if you wag it at a 50+ women/stranger - may the force be with you my friend. That's all I have to say. By the time a woman is 50, she has had a few other men in her life who were members of The Order Of Finger Waggers and she may just take out every bit of rage that she didn't happen to take out on him (or did) on you. So really. Don't.

In other news, I am making a lovely chicken parmesan with roasted eggplant and onions for dinner.


  1. Wagged his finger? THAT right there is a stabbing.

  2. Absolutely. Unfortunately I was having a forgetful day and left my dagger at home. This rarely happens, but I had been using it the night before while performing a voodoo ritual to seal the fate of previous finger waggers.

    ack, it happens. Whadaya gonna do?


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