Monday, February 1, 2010

I Wonder What the Facebook Gnome Would Look Like?

Continuing with the topic "Why Facebook Was Created By Satan, " I will now address the subject of "House Guests You Haven't Seen Since Childhood," or "How to Plan a Vacation Using Facebook Instead of Travelocity."

As many of you know, Dave has a lot of Facebook friends. This is not, as he would like you to think, because he is the most popular person on FB. No, it's because he used to teach and many of his friends are ex-students and that he is very friendly so never stops talking to old girlfriends and because he walks up and down the streets of Toronto wearing a sign that says, "I'm on Facebook - Please "Friend" me" and then he hands out his FB contact information and occasionally accepts change. But anyway, amongst his student/ex-girlfriend/solicited on the street FB friends, he also has the ever popular FB Contacts of the Friends Who You Haven't Spoken To Nor Thought of Since Childhood variety.

One of them sent him a message this week excited to tell him that he was to be in town this weekend while attending (I think it was a hot balloon convention but I changed the subject of the convention so many times in conversation this weekend I have completely forgotten which useless waste of time activity the convention is really all about) but for blog purposes, let's stick with The Shuffleboard Convention and he needs a place to stay both Friday and Saturday night!! And then he added "hint, hint" you know, as if he had to.

I don't know about you guys but when I plan a little getaway to a convention for people who share my favorite activity, which as you all know is Cats Cradle, I tend to think about where I'm going to lay my head when I have had all the Cats Cradle I can take for one day including the rollicking games enjoyed with other convention attendees while under the influence of large amounts of alcohol in the hotel bar. And that place to lay my head is usually a hotel pillow.

But why spend money on a hotel room when you have Facebook?

So next time you are planning your vacation, try typing your destination into a FB search and see if any of your FB friends' names come up. Then search your way-back-machine for any memory at all about this person you now call friend, and if you can manage to remember enough about him or her and you see from the FB pictures that he/she doesn't look like what you picture ax murderers to look like has what looks like pretty comfy digs, just drop him/her a FB message.

Don't forget the hint-hint part, because if you add hint-hint to a message blatantly inviting yourself to someones house for the weekend, it magically takes all the rudeness out of it. It's kind of like crossing your fingers behind your back when you lie.

According to the Rules of Facebook, that is.

More on this (I'm sure) later........


  1. I have always wanted to vacation in Toronto....


  3. I'm sorry Susan, but you forgot the hint hint part. Blog friends are so much better - you know that.


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