Thursday, October 8, 2009

Google Has Got It's Eye On Me

Google has launched it's "street view" in Canada, and yes, it's in Toronto.

I heard this and immediately tried it out and I'm not kidding you people, you can see inside the window of my condo. Seriously. This is some fucked up shit. Luckily I wasn't standing at the window picking my nose, which is what I usually do from time to time, so all's good. For now. Until they update.

But to be honest, because I've always been fan of amateur girl detectives (Nancy Drew) and amateur girl spies (Harriet the Spy) this is kind of cool in a spy/detective way. I mean if I wanted to I could pretty much stalk someone. Just for fun of course.

Not that it can't be done through Facebook. But I'm sure you know that by now. You, like me, surely have many many Facebook "friends" who never write anything at all to you but are sifting through your pictures and reading your updates regularly. Cowards. I mean, really. If you are going to do Facebook, at least have the balls to come right out and ask your friends you haven't seen in a very long time if they are still (fat, married to that ass, working at McD's, etc.) in a nice, public cyber way. Don't go snooping behind their back. It's just so.......Google.

Now before someone else takes credit for this, I want to go on record by saying that I have coined the new urban slang for the activity of someone who gets too nosy - Google, as in "Hey. Don't go all Google on me."

Speaking of that the television "news" stories are always about this privacy invasion thing on the internet, which makes me smile because people, it's the internet. If you are private, then write your stuff in a book, in secret code and bury it in the backyard - don't be going on the WORLDWIDE WEB. okay?

But anyway the latest up to the minute news story is that Facebook isn't all that private. Really?? You don't say!

It's also been reported that you can get fired for putting stuff on Facebook! I love that one. Like I'd work for a company that fired me for writing something in my spare time about my own private life. But then, I try like hell not to work for a company at all, but that is another story for another time my friends.

Ok, but let's say I did work for a company like this, just for fun. I wouldn't work there for long because, let's face it they'd probably fire me for Facebook, but even if they didn't - let's say they snooped in my Facebook and then took me into the office and said "Janine, please don't do that anymore," because legally they have to ask me three times just like they always have to do in fairy tales and such, I'd probably say "Ok" and then I'd do it anyway and then they'd fire me and then I'd try to sue them OR I'd start a blog about the whole thing and be the most famous blogger in the whole wide world!!

Yeah, like that would happen.


  1. Peach - That's terrible. How can they do that? I heard of a Starbucks employee getting fired for that too, but apparently he had signed something saying he wouldn't write about Starbucks - which he did.

    When I worked in the cube, one of the managers always googled the applicants. eek.

  2. I quit my job and I'm tempted to write a book about my job.


  3. My doctor is on Facebook, and I pray she doesn't go all Google on me, and try to strong-arm me into being friends with her. There are too many secrets (most involving Vicodin) that she just doesn't need to know.

  4. Green Eyed - I say go for it, but be careful to change the names.

    JD - oh my god I didn't even think of the doctor thing. And me with all my "wine induced" updates!! My advice is Just Say Ignore!


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