Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Yes on the balcony overlooking the Pacific we toast our last day of singlehood. May it rest in peace.

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  1. Wait... I may be a little slow on these things, but does this mean you've invited us all to tag along to your wedding? Wheeeee!

  2. Yah...to hell with that nonsense!

  3. Susan - oh yes, please do attend!! And all other faithful readers/A List Stalkers/people who just happened by do to a Google search gone horribly wrong.

  4. You're getting married? I didn't think that was legal in Canada...

  5. Libby - You're not 100% correct about that - in fact you're kind of really wrong.

    You see, everything is legal in Canada. Everything is Beautiful in it's own way. I'm ok, you're ok. C'mon People Now Love One Another.

    So, yes, marriage is not only allowed but EMBRACED and encouraged for all but only if you really want it. (I'm pretty sure animals can only have civil ceremonies though.)

    You get the picture. It's part of the charm really and I love it even though I'm going through major culture shock.


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