Friday, May 29, 2009

Leaving Paradise. The Adventure Continues.

As I am about to leave this beautiful-place-that-can't-possibly-in-any-way-actually-exist-except inside-my-head, I have to think about how things used to be. (It's a technique I use to distract me from my present reality which at the present involves the end of my perfect vacation.)

Anyway, many many moons ago, when people actually got married without so much as spending the night together first, the honeymoon was the time when a man and a woman swore to love each other forever and then got to the business of really getting to know each other Things were awesome back then and also? What. The. Fuck.

So they got to know each other in a place that doesn't really exist in reality and then they'd leave this fairyland and go back to the burbs where there were lots of new toasters waiting for them. Back then a couple got like 22 years out of a toaster, so they returned all but one of them. Today we would store the extras away and would still be buying a toaster in 2 years because they are all made in China and in China they like to make appliances that never work quite right and then don't work at all and this whole process takes approximately 10 days. They are so awesome those Chinese factory workers and please do not start telling me how much they don't get paid because I really only care about my toaster - this you should know about me by now.

Anyway, when I think about those brides from the past I think - Ka-rist! No wonder the wives of the 50's popped pills. I try to imagine how beige suburbia would look after being in this place where bald eagles fly overhead like every five minutes and bears hang out at the seashore looking under rocks for snacks as anything - try to imagine how disappointed someone would be if they actually thought life would go on everyday just like it did here. I try to imagine how sad a house full of toasters would seem compared to the fantastic-ness of this place and then I don't even have to imagine anymore to understand why so many people were let down after marriage back then. Why so many martini's were consumed.

People like us, however are so evolved. We actually get the business of everyday life out of the way and then if that all works out pretty well considering that life can suck sometimes, we go to a beautiful place to make promises to each that involve sharing life even when it does suck sometimes and even better? When it doesn't. Like now. Here. And even back there where we are going today - or tonight after we drive, swim and fly to get there.

Yep. It's about the journey. So let's get on with it. See ya back home.

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