Friday, April 24, 2009

11:00 am

So it was on this beach today that I emailed Diane and told her that I smelled of suntan lotion. Then I told Dave that she would respond to this remark with a resounding fuck you. Which of course, she did.

Author's note: "Smelling of Suntan Lotion" is code for "I am a woman of leisure whose man gave you access to his bank account." The term "Smelling of Suntan Lotion" was coined as we watched a woman wearing a bathing suit and a sarong take cash out of the ATM leaving the unmistakable smell of Coppertone behind. We were at the ATM on our lunch hour, each withdrawing whatever was left in our checking account so that we could buy a sandwich. And perhaps a bottle of water. To share.

It was then that I crossed my fingers and made a wish. Ok, two wishes. One involved a tidal wave and a sarong washing up on the shore. And the other involved me and suntan lotion.

At least one of these wishes came true. Maybe both, but I really have no way of obtaining absolute confirmation.

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